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Management Consulting

Since its founding a little over 10 years ago in 2005, Management Solutions has supported over 60 companies as a PMO (Project Management Office) provider. Through that experience, our company has helped its clients succeed by leveraging its expertise in project management consulting. Coming soon, expect an even broader range of consulting service offerings as Management Solutions continues to build on our staff’s specialized capabilities.

Change Management for Change & Transformation

Employees and organizations no longer exist in an era of ad hoc piecemeal negotiations and hierarchical top-down supervision. In order to achieve this transformation, a strategic and structured approach to change management, called Organizational Change Management (OCM), is required. Management Solutions’ Change Management practice implements organizational transformation through its proprietary Change ”Impact” Management(Resistance Management) activities which brings about the transformation needed to connect customers with corporate strategy and business value while being sensitive to employees’ concerns about changes in their organizational environment. Our change management consultants, deeply experienced in  Global / Local transformation and change management projects, are ready to support your company’s business value maximization.

Project Management Execution Support

Each company’s project management concerns and issues are unique. Our professionals have a track record of finding solutions for their clients based on years of accumulated experience. By offering project management implementation support at all organizational levels (company/department/project), Management Solutions aims to raise the project management maturity of all companies and contribute to an improvement in overall project success rates.

Career Management Support

Recruitment of exceptional talent is the focus of Management Solutions’ Career Management Division, with its mission of realizing a society where anyone can follow their dreams with career management support vision and its vision of reducing career stress and helping people achieve the kind of career they desire. Support and training offerings include:

・Hiring mismatch reduction
・Individualized career development support
・Career education support tailored to your organization’s needs
・Mental health education
・Work/life balance education
・Improving intra-organizational communication
・Communication training

With these and many other support service offerings, Management Solutions’ Career Management Division is dedicated to fulfilling the company motto of “contributing to the happiness of society through management”.

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