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Establishing a management mechanism to enhance the success rate of the transformation

With a rising number of transformation projects based on highly risky and novel themes, the success rate of projects is declining. At the same time, the same trend can be seen for large-scale projects.

major reason for this trend is that any system that makes prompt management decisions such as changing the project scope or period, boosting investment, or suspending the project when it is confronted with risks that occur against the backdrop of almost perfect project management suggests that the management system is in fact extremely fragile or that the individual systems are not well coordinated. As a result, the information required for decision-making is not transmitted to the management level, and a disproportionate amount of procedures and information is required for any decision-making that seeks to modify a plan after it has been decided. This in turn gave rise to many cases where it was impossible to raise the success rate of a project within the required period or cut the losses from investments.

It has become evident that Japanese companies are being held back in their attempt to ride the wave of global transformations not because of their management strategies or that they have made the wrong decisions when selecting the theme of their transformation projects, but because of the issues inherent in the management systems that oversee the execution of the selected themes.

In order to solve this problem, MSOL offers management consulting with an emphasis on the "management mechanism" of "non-standard work" such as new business operations and projects.

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MSOL's management consulting service engages with the "management mechanism" across the client's entire company and offers support for the client to visualize the company's current situation and goals before assisting them to attain these goals step by step. This is accomplished through the use of an integrated management framework comprising elements such as value-judgment of the transformation by the management, resource optimization processes, processes that allow the management to make evaluations and judgments at an early stage while properly implementing the project, as well as mechanisms and systems that maintain and enhance the diligence and creativity of participating members inside and outside the company.

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Primary forms of support offered

  • Establishing a management mechanism for company-wide overhauls such as DX (digital transformation)
  • Establishing a management mechanism for large-scale projects such as an upgrade of core infrastructural systems
  • Fine-tuning of processes and policies in existing management mechanisms to eliminate inconsistencies
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