Through MSOL's extensive record of achievement, we provide substantive consulting support which will guide your project to success.

Remote PMO Service(PMO ONLINE)

We provide project management service, called "PMO ONLINE". It provides project management service at reasonable price by combining two exsisting services Shared PMO, the remote PMO service and PROEVER, the project management software.

We also offer an Online Concierge Service for PM, through which we provide customers with rich expertise and information related to project management. The service is provided--depending on customer needs--via our chat or teleconferencing systems. Please contact us for more details.


PMO ONLINE: trademark registration pending
PROEVER: business model patent pending, PCT/JP2019/018308, patent application no.: 2020-040573

Project Management Office (PMO) Support

Concerns and issues related to project management vary from one company to another. As a management specialist company, we use the know-how and knowledge acquired through our many successes to propose solutions to guide clients toward resolution of their concerns and issues. For all of the different corporate layers such as companies, divisions, and projects, by providing project goal and result matching, planning determination, project condition visualization, and decision-making support through our PMO support service, we raise corporate maturity with the goal of contributing to project success rates.
We support many clients, with a focus on large-scale projects of a portion of listed companies. Support is available for different situations (operation and maintenance, business, and globalization) and industries (finance, energy, pharmaceuticals, automotive, etc.). We also offer project management support, program management support, and full-company PMO support.

Using support cases up until now, we will explain the specifics of how our company can support yours in line with current circumstances.

Image explaining PMO execution support for each layer
Image explaining PMO implementation support in the form of approach to specific issues

Project management support examples

  • Project goal and result matching
  • Planning determination and validity confirmation
  • Project condition visualization (quantitative, qualitative)
  • Problem solving execution progress
  • Project management reports
  • Decision-making support
  • Lesson accumulation and practical applications (reflecting on the project)
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