Our Strengths

There are good reasons why MSOL consultants remain the choice of many in a rapidly evolving business environment.
Common problems

For instance, have you encountered these problems in the course of your projects?

  • We have approached consultants but we have no idea how to take advantage of their advice on our own…
  • Our project management capabilities are limited and we have insufficient employees who can do the job, but many projects remain to be launched…
  • As projects across the entire company are not centralized, decision making is always delayed, causing us to fall behind…
  • The approach to resolving existing issues is unclear, and we do not know how many urgent issues there are…
  • We have approached consultants but after receiving some suggestions for improvement, everything else is left to us…
  • Our projects were launched with vague requirement definitions, and we are unsure where they are heading…
MSOL can assist you in tackling these problems.

Leveraging our 3 strengths below, we can support your projects from their implementation to operation.

  • 1MSOL specializes in providing project operational support
    Specializing in providing project operational supportMSOL supports everything from the implementation of projects to their actual operations with a strong sense of ownership. We carry out project management from the perspective of our client and are vested in the actual progress of the project while working closely with our client.
  • 2MSOL offers knowledge and expertise developed as part of a professional PMO business
    Offers expertise developed as part of a professional PMO businessMSOL offers our knowledge and expertise developed as part of a professional PMO business. We work closely with our clients and harness our expertise accumulated from previous projects that we have been involved in to ensure that our client’s project is successful.
  • 3MSOL consultants possess extensive industry-wide knowledge
    Consultants with extensive industry-wide knowledgeMSOL consultants are professionals who possess extensive industry-wide knowledge. These professionals from various industries draw on their knowledge acquired from supporting more than 500 previous projects in leading our client’s project.

Do you have a track record to show that you are a reliable company?

Proof of reliability

MSOL has a strong track record and excellent reputation as a PMO that specializes in providing support for project operations.

  • Stable management and strong expansion of operations as a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

    MSOL is continuing its stable growth and expansion as a management platform for all companies.

  • Repeat client rate of over 95%

    In addition to providing project-related support, MSOL is also highly regarded as an essential business partner that supplements the client’s management operations.

  • Track record of implementing over 500 projects

    MSOL supports a wide variety of projects that range from setting up new companies, management reform, to system development projects.

  • Publication of various books as a top runner in the management industry

    MSOL disseminates information to parties that require management skills through the publication of various books and contributions to web media on the subject of management that are written by experts such as our company representative Takahashi.

Track record for project implementation

What is your track record like?


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