PMO Center

What is a PMO Center?

There are many different types of projects in the world, but the things that need to be undertaken for project management are generally the same.
MSOL has used its experience to package various of these PMO services. A PMO belonging to our PMO Center offers services for helping to get projects off the ground quickly and managing them efficiently.
By providing support remotely, we are able to achieve a high-quality service at a low cost.


Three types of PMOs, tailored to project circumstances

We provide three different types of PMO support services, tailored to the different circumstances of each project.
Of these, the PMO Center is optimized for small and medium-sized projects that need to be launched quickly while controlling costs, objectives that are achieved by applying the management methods that we provide.
By combining various services as required, the optimal balance of service and cost can be achieved.


Examples of services

We provide a menu of PMO implementation support services that are packed with MSOL's own know-how.
We can also handle services that are not listed below, so please feel free to get in touch for more information.

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