Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Management Solutions Group, Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Group") , being fully aware of the Personal Private Information Protection Law, will ensure that any sensitive personal data ("Personal Private Information" which can determine an individual, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address) of visitors on this website (customers), will be treated according to our basic policy stated below.

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Acquiring Personal Private Information

The Group will clearly indicate the purpose of use to the individual concerned in advance when the Company acquires Personal Private Information.

Usage of Personal Private Information

The Group will use personal information provided for the following purposes only and will not use that information beyond the scope of the purposes stated at the time that information is collected:

  • Providing service implementation and information as requested by the customer.
  • Contacting customers and providing guidance about company and group company events and related services.
  • Using and providing statistical information in a format that is not personally identifiable.
  • Other legitimate purposes within the company's business scope.

Disclosure of Personal Private Information to a Third Party

  • Disclosure of Personal Private Information is required based on laws and regulations.
  • Disclosure of Personal Private Information is necessary to prevent loss of human life, injury or damage to property.
  • Disclosure of Personal Private Information is required in order to protect the public interest.

To achieve these purposes,the Company may entrust its operations o a third party,along with the acquired personal private informaion,with the assurance that his information will be monitored according to proper standards of confidentiality.

Management of Personal Private Information

The Group will take all possible measures to protect Personal Private Information from incidents such as loss, damage, tamper, leakage, and unauthorized access.

Disclosure, Correction,and Deletion of Personal Private Information

The Group will,without delay,respond to requests regarding the display,correction,and removal of Personal Private Information within the scope of applicable laws and regulations.

Continuous efforts to foster sense of compliance

The Group will promptly disclose, correct, or delete the Personal Private Information in the most effective manner when requested by the individual concerned.

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