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MSOL Digital

For many years, MSOL has been offering project management support to our clients and assisting companies in a variety of business environments across different industries to embrace "digital transformation (DX)."

In order to steadily accomplish digital transformation from a medium- to long-term perspective, it is imperative to satisfy the necessary conditions such as establishing a system for digital promotion, establishing a process for digital promotion, nurturing the necessary talents, as well as active collaboration with leading IT partners. In addition, in order to advance the goal of digital transformation through "offensive IT" led by a collaboration between the business and IT divisions, it is also paramount to simultaneously ensure appropriate investment in the areas of "defensive IT" such as core systems, IT infrastructure, and security systems.

With innovative technologies emerging one after another in areas such as AI and IoT, MSOL Digital collaborates with professional partners and serves as a DSIer (digital solution integrator) that offers solution proposals, establishes digital services to advance our client's digital transformation, and provides opportunities for the nurturing and development of necessary talents conversant in digital technology whose scarcity has become a social issue, in order to allow our client to leverage on digital transformation and IT modernization to tackle their various business-related issues and transform them into opportunities.

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